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Elected Official

Mary Ellen Dunlap


100 Quality Hill
P.O. Box CK
Bisbee, AZ 85603
520-432-4850 Fax

Sierra Vista
100 Colonia de Salud, Suite 100
Sierra Vista, AZ  85635
520-458-4148 Fax





Clerk of the Superior Court


Mary Ellen Dunlap

Mary Ellen Dunlap

 The Clerk of the Superior Court is an elected officer established by the Arizona Constitution. Duties and responsibilities are prescribed in state statute, court rule, and case law. Supreme Court Administration order also provides that the presiding judge may prescribe additional powers and duties of the Clerk of the Court, in addition to those prescribed by the Supreme Court. State law was amended to clarify the clerks authority to manage her own staff and operations.
The Clerk of the Superior Court officially maintains all civil, domestic, criminal, juvenile and probate records.  The Clerk issues writs and warrants; takes and transcribes all court minutes for all court proceedings; is the Registrar of Probate matters; maintains all court exhibits used as evidence; is the Jury Commissioner, providing qualified jurors for trials from the lists of all registered voters and holders of drivers licenses; accepts passport applications, issues and records marriage licenses; and prepares and forwards appeals to the Court of Appeals and State Supreme Court.
The Clerk also collects all fees, fines, bonds and restitution for the court. Monies collected are transmitted monthly to the county treasurer. The Clerk also receives monies to be held in trust in a fiduciary capacity for the Court.

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