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Eric Silverberg
Court Administrator



Court Administration


Contact: Eric Silverberg, Superior Court Administrator
June 16, 2014

Superior Court Announces New Judicial and Case Assignments

Presiding Judge James L. Conlogue has issued administrative order 2014-007 to announce the change of judicial assignments effective July 1st. These Changes are made in response to a significant increase in the number of juvenile dependency filings. With the recent reorganization and creation of the new State of Arizona Department of Child Safety, dependency filings are expected to remain high.

In order to ensure sufficient judicial officer staffing, all dependency cases will be transferred from the Sierra Vista Regional Service Center location at Colonia de Salud to the Main Bisbee Superior Courthouse. These cases will continue to be heard by Division VI Judge Donna L. Beumler. She will also hear IV-D child support enforcement cases.

Division IV Judge Karl D. Elledge will be relocating to the Sierra Vista Regional Service Center location and will be hearing juvenile delinquency cases as well as new and currently assigned family and civil cases. His current criminal cases will be reassigned to Divisions II, III and V in Bisbee.

Telephone numbers will change effective on Monday July 7th. As of that date, the number to Judge Elledge's Office will change to 520-803-3320. The number to Judge Beumler's Office will change to 520-432-8520.

Mission: - We provide fair, impartial and timely justice in all matters brought before the Courts

- Our vision is to enhance the public's trust and confidence in the Court by being accessible and understandable, and providing the highest quality of services.

- We are Honest, Innovative, Collaborative, Efficient and Effective, Courteous and Service Oriented.


The Superior Court in Cochise County is a court of general jurisdiction in Arizona.  Superior Court judges hear all types of cases involving civil claims of $10,000 or more, felony cases, extraditions, mental health cases and matters pertaining to domestic relations: divorce, annulment, child support and probate (including guardianships).  The Juvenile Court is a division of the Superior Court and hears all matters concerning juvenile delinquency, dependency and adoptions. The Superior Court is also the appellate court for cases coming from limited jurisdiction (municipal and justice) courts in Cochise County.

Currently there are six Superior Court judges in Cochise County under the administrative supervision of the Presiding Judge, who is appointed by the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. Four judges are located in Bisbee, Arizona.  Two judges, including the juvenile court judge, are located in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

The Office of Court Administration provides administrative and budgetary oversight and services to both the Superior Court and the six Justice Courts in Cochise County.  This office serves as the liaison between the judicial branch and the executive and legislative branches locally and on a state level.  Programs and services provided by Court Administration include:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (ADR)
Automation and Field Training
Case Management
Court Interpreters
Court Security
Family Conciliation Court
Judicial Human Resources Department
Law Library

The Office of Court Administration is located in the main courthouse in Bisbee, Arizona

P.O. Box 204
Bisbee, Arizona  85603