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Elected Official
Trudy Berry

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100 Clawson Ave
3rd Floor
PO Drawer 208
Bisbee, AZ 85603 




County School Superintendent's Office


Trudy Berry, County School Superintendent

 MISSION The mission of the Office of the Cochise County School Superintendent is to aid in the administration of the state s laws pertaining to education in collaboration with the state board of education, the state superintendent of public instruction, and such governing boards as are provided by law.

The office serves as fiscal agent for 22 of 23 school districts within the county; provides education for the juvenile detention center and the county jail; supervises school bond, school board, and school override elections; maintains teacher and administrator certification records; and maintains home school records.

As an Educational Service Agency (ESA) the County School Superintendent supports school districts by providing services such as workshops, grant writing, special events planning, and technology integration support.


Cochise County Teacher of the Year Winners Announced

Margaret “Margie” Looney, a music teacher from Willcox Middle School took top honors as the 2014 Teacher of the Year at the awards banquet held last Friday at the Thunder Mountain Activity Centre on Ft. Huachuca. A wave of applause and cheers erupted when Trudy Berry, Cochise County School Superintendent announced Looney as the winner.  Willcox Middle School Principal Mike Patterson said, “She dedicates her life to her students and her craft. She’s simply an amazing teacher.”

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