Adult Drug Court

The Cochise County Adult Drug Court uses the coercive power of the courts to counter the often devastating effects of drugs on individuals and the community. Drug Court currently serves the Sierra Vista area, with plans to expand to other regions, once an adequate funding stream is secured. It is a specialized caseload managed by a probation officer and, in the near future, a surveillance officer.

Drug Court Team

The Drug Court Team consists of attorneys, a Superior Court judge, probation personnel, treatment providers and law enforcement. Each week, the team staffs new cases and reviews the progress of Drug Court clients, making recommendations for rewards and sanctions to the Drug Court judge.

Program Approach

The program is based on a national model which has proven remarkably effective in helping non-violent, hard-core drug users break the cycle of addiction and the criminal activity that accompanies it. The approach combines frequent weekly urinalysis tests; intense, lengthy treatment; an unusual degree of cooperation between disparate elements of the criminal justice system and treatment community; and near-instantaneous rewards and consequences based on the offender's behavior.

Typically, participants are in the program for one year or more. They may be referred by plea agreement prior to sentencing, or at any time post-sentencing.