Development Services

Welcome to the Development Services Department of Cochise County. We're committed to enhancing the quality of life of residents by ensuring that our County is a safe, attractive, and enjoyable place to live.

Online Permitting

Permits issued by the Development Services Department are intended to safeguard public health, safety, and general welfare through the enforcement of various building and zoning codes. Consequently, a permit is almost always needed for any type of building, structure, structural remodel/repair, or grading project. We encourage you to submit an application for a permit by clicking on the link below. In addition, you may use our online portal to apply for a health license, as well as submit planning applications and code compliance complaints.

Development Services Fee Schedule

The Development Services Fee Schedule contains the established fees associated with the services provided by the Development Services Department. The fees included in this schedule are intended to cover the costs and expenses associated with examining, processing, conducting field inspections, publishing legal notices, and meeting with developer and builder applicants. All fees shall be paid to the Development Services Department at the time of filing an application. These fees are generally non-refundable after plans are accepted and the review is started.

Mapping Resources

Are you interested in learning more about zoning, flood hazard locations, special districts, watersheds, and more? The ArcGIS Map is an interactive data source that provides a great deal of information related to property in Cochise County.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for long and short-range planning for unincorporated areas and communities throughout Cochise County, as well as ensuring compliance with zoning. These division processes applications associated with:

  • Home Occupations
  • Rezonings and Land Use Changes
  • Subdivisions
  • Temporary Uses
  • Variances
  • Special Use Requests

It is also tasked with developing and updating the Zoning Regulations and the Comprehensive Plan. Have a question about developing land in Cochise County? Call Development Services or Email a Planner.

Zoning Code Violation Complaint

Code Compliance Officers within this division are responsible for the enforcement of the Zoning Regulations. Do you have a code compliance question? Call Development Services or Email a Code Compliance Officer. You may also submit a Zoning or Code Violation Complaint if there is a particular issue you would like investigated by our Code Compliance Officers.

Building Safety

The Building Safety Division ensures quality construction for the county's residents and visitors through enforcement of the Building Safety Code. The Building Safety Division is responsible for:

  • Coordinating all building plan reviews and subsequent inspections during construction to ensure code conformance
  • Issuance of residential and commercial building permits
  • State-mandated installation inspections on mobile and manufactured homes in the county

If you have a specific question regarding Residential or Non-Residential Permits call or Email a Permit Technician.