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Bisbee Douglas International Airport (KDUG) is a public-use airport owned and operated by Cochise County. The airport was constructed between 1941 and 1943 and was used as a bomber training airfield during World War II. In 1949, the U.S. government gave the airport to Cochise County as a regional air transportation center. It is located 10 miles northwest of the central business district of Douglas, Arizona, and 24 miles east of Bisbee, Arizona. The Federal Aviation Administration's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems includes the airport, categorizing it as a general aviation facility. Some notable tenants at the facility include Northrop Grumman, Arizona State Forestry Division, and Master Aircraft Services.

Ground Lease Opportunity at BDI

Cochise County is seeking qualified individuals or entities interested in partnering with us to develop, operate, and enhance a prime parcel of land at the airport. 

Project Overview:

The Bisbee-Douglas International Airport is a commercial and general aviation hub in southern Arizona. With its strategic location, excellent facilities, and a track record of successful operations, the airport offers an ideal environment for various aviation and non-aviation-related endeavors.

We offer a ground lease opportunity for a strategically located parcel of land at the airport, with a total area of 250 acres - click here to see a map. The lessee will have the chance to develop, operate, and maintain the leased area for a specified term, 

Key Objectives:

  1. Enhance the airport's capabilities and services.
  2. Promote economic development and job creation in the region.
  3. Maintain and improve the airport's overall infrastructure.

BDI Opportunity Prospectus

Airport Master Plan

An Airport Master Plan (AMP) describes and depicts the overall concept for the long-term development of an airport. It presents the concepts graphically in the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing set and reports the data and logic based on the concept in the narrative report. The plan aims to provide direction for future airport development that will satisfy aviation demand in a financially feasible manner and meet the needs of Cochise County with respect to the airport. 

The following objectives serve as a guide in the preparation of the airport master plan:

  • Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Consider recent national and local aviation trends and how these trends affect Bisbee Douglas International Airport.
  • Identify the existing capacity of airport infrastructure and determine if there is a need to maintain or improve facilities.
  • Interact with and retrieve input from the public and other stakeholders on airport issues and plans.
  • Understand the issues, opportunities, and constraints of the airport.
  1. Dan Coxworth

    Dan Coxworth, AICP


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