Owner Builder Amendment

  1. Section 1 Purpose & Intent
  2. Section 2 Application
  3. Section 3 Definitions
  4. Section 4 Regulation of Use
  5. Section 5 Amendment Options
  6. Section 6 Recording
  7. Section 7 Permits
  8. Section 8 Application Process
  9. Section 9 Construction Plans
  10. Section 10 Waiver of Plans
  11. Section 11 Modifications
  12. Section 12 Permit Expiration
  13. Section 13 Inspections
  14. Section 14 Special Inspections
  15. Section 15 Inspection Requests & Notice
  16. Section 16 Certificate of Occupancy
  17. Section 17 Temporary Occupancy
  18. Section 18 Fees
  19. Section 19 General Requirements
  20. Section 20 Mechanical Requirements
  21. Section 21 Electrical Requirements
  22. Section 22 Plumbing Requirements
  23. Section 23 Fire Prevention Requirements
  24. Section 24 Sanitation Requirements
  25. Section 25 Violations
  26. Section 26 Petitions for Appeals
  27. Section 27 Rezoning & Change of Use

The purpose of this amendment is to exempt a Rural Residential Owner-Builder that is located in RU, SM, and SR zoning districts and has a parcel that is 4 acres or more from compliance with the Cochise County Building Safety Code in a residential construction project. This amendment also allows such an Owner-Builder to opt to comply with the Cochise County Building Safety Code but limit inspections. Such an Owner-Builder may, of course, also opt for compliance with the Cochise County Building Safety Code accompanied by full inspections. By allowing Owner-Builders these options, this amendment is intended to encourage the use of ingenuity and personal preferences of the owner-builder in allowing and facilitating the use of alternative building materials and methods.

By statute, this exemption does not exempt owner-builders from statewide codes such as the plumbing and fire codes and regulations regarding smoke detectors, nor does it exempt owner-builders from fire codes adopted by fire districts or the County.