Foreclosure Registry

On June 25, 2019, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors passed an amendment to the Cochise County Zoning Regulations establishing a Foreclosure Registry in Cochise County. The program requires registration and maintenance for properties in foreclosure and bank-owned to protect residential and commercial areas from blight and nuisances resulting from foreclosed properties.

Elements of the Regulation

  • Inspection of the property by the mortgagee or its representative to be completed within 15 calendar days following the notice of default.
  • Property registration and designation of a property manager must occur no later than 10 calendar days following the inspection.
  • Requirement for posting of contact information for mortgagee and property manager on property. Posting must include a phone number, be on an 8 1/2 inch by 11-inch weatherproof materials are posted on the exterior.
  • Requirement for the mortgagee or its representative to maintain properties free of nuisances of refuse, waste, storage, and securing open structures.
  • Requirement to maintain pools and spas in working order, free of pollutants and debris or drained and kept dry.


  • Annual Renewal Fee: $150 Due each year on the date of initial registration.
  • Any additional fees owed to the County will be determined at the time of registration.
  • De-Registration Fee: $0
  • Records Change Fee: $150
  • Revisions to Existing Registration Fee: $0
  • Registration Application Fee: $150

How to Register

Please fill out all information required and submit the appropriate form to:
Cochise County Development Services, Code Compliance
4001 E Foothills Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Attach form with payment to: Cochise County Treasurer.

Removing From Foreclosure Registry

If a property has been sold or a change in title has occurred, the mortgagee must provide the new ownership information by submitting proof of sale or written notification to Cochise County Code Compliance. Failure to do so will result in responsibility remaining with the current owner/mortgagee until Cochise County records reflect new ownership information.

For any questions email the County Staff or call 520-803-3966.