Accessory Living Quarters

An Accessory Living Quarters (ALQ) is an attached or detached residential dwelling structure that may provide complete independent living facilities for one or more persons, including provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel where the primary single-family dwelling is situated.

Development Standards

  • ALQs must be equal to or lesser in height than the existing principal dwelling.
  • ALQs are limited in the size of livable square footage to a maximum of 50% of the livable square footage of the principal dwelling or 1,000 square feet, whichever is less.

Livable square footage is the sum of the area contained within a principal dwelling measured from the inside wall surfaces, including finished basements but excluding garages, carports, porches, utility rooms, stairways, sheds, storage rooms, balconies, and patios. More generally, it is the area that is heated or cooled.


  • No more than one ALQ per lot or parcel
  • No more than one kitchen per unit (detached living structures)
  • ALQs shall not be subdivided or otherwise segregated in ownership from the principal dwelling unit.
  • ALQs shall not have a separate address or mailbox from the principal dwelling.
  • Recreational vehicles, railroad cars, and camper shells are not permitted for use as an ALQ in any zoning district.
  • Manufactured homes and rehabilitated mobile homes may be permitted as an ALQ only in those Zoning Districts where they are a permitted use.

Special Use Authorization is required for

  • Long-term rental or lease of an ALQ separately from the primary residence.
  • Use an ALQ for commercial purposes or for any use other than a permitted home occupation.
  • Any deviation from the development standards contained in this section.

ALQ Qualifications

To qualify as an accessory living quarters, the owner of the parcel shall live either in the primary dwelling or ALQ as their primary residence, and the structure must:

  • Be an allowable use within the zoning district of the subject parcel. One ALQ per parcel is allowed in the following districts: RU, R-36, SM-36, SM-87, SM-174, SM-10-acres, SM-18-acres, SM-36-acres, SR-36, SR-18 Acres, SR-10 Acres, SR-174 (4-acres), SR-87 (2-acres), and SR-43
  • Be on a property with an existing home
  • Meet all site development standards, such as setbacks from the property boundaries

Application Process

Submit an Accessory Living Quarter application via our online permitting portal. Include a plot plan and narrative illustrating conformance with the development standards for ALQs.