Citizen Review Process


The citizen review process is intended to:

  • Ensure that Applicants pursue early and effective citizen review in conjunction with their applications, giving them the opportunity to understand and try to mitigate any real or perceived impacts their application may have on the neighborhood or community
  • Ensure that the citizens and property owners of Cochise County have an adequate opportunity to learn about applications that may affect them and to work with Applicants to resolve concerns at an early stage of the process
  • Facilitate ongoing communication between the Applicant, interested citizens and property owners, County staff, and elected and appointed officials throughout the application review process

Remember, effective public input can go a long way in addressing the concerns of nearby property owners, and a misinformed or uninformed public can defeat a project.

Citizen Review Report Submission

A Citizen Review Report must be submitted along with all rezoning to more intense classifications, special use, and master development plan applications. It must include, at a minimum, the following:

  • Applicant response to concerns raised by the public
  • Copies of all information provided to the public
  • Copies of notices sent to property owners
  • Responses, concerns, and questions raised by the public during the notification process
  • Sign-up sheets from public meetings

Note: meetings are only required if required by staff. However, while meetings are not always requested, they are always recommended. Face-to-face contact minimizes misunderstandings.

Notification Requirements

Mailed notification must be sent, by first-class mail, to the following:

  • All applicable homeowners and community associations.
  • All property owners located within a radius of no less than 300 feet of the subject parcel(s), 

Note: Planning Division staff can provide mailing labels to the applicant of all property owners within their application radius.

Notification must include the following:

  • Description and location of the project with a drawing of the site and a written description of the project and how off-site impacts will be addressed.
  • How verbal and written comments can be submitted.
  • When and where any public meeting(s) are scheduled.

Public Hearing Comment Form