Superior Court Self-Help Center

Welcome to the Cochise County Superior Court Self-Help Center. The Self-Help Center has been designed to provide self-represented litigants with online legal forms, for frequent, basic, and necessary tasks. The legal forms are intended for use by persons who are not represented by an attorney. The forms may provide helpful guidance to attorneys who do not normally practice in this area of the state or country.

The use of a legal form from this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Consult the relevant statutes and rules when preparing your legal documents. If you have legal questions, consult an attorney who practices in this area of the law and has the expertise you need.

Note: Your completed papers must be completed in English and filed at one of the Superior Court locations.  Visit the Clerk of Superior Court page, for more information about filing your paperwork and fees. Please check with the Clerk of Superior Court for a schedule of fees or additional information on filing requirements, to include acceptable methods of payment. In addition, you may contact the Clerk of Superior Court for case information and/or use Public Access.