Special Events

special event

Special event permits may be issued for various temporary events such as Christmas tree sales, art, and crafts shows, rallies, and farmer's markets. The special event process is typically reviewed and processed administratively; however, longer events may require review and approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Special Events Requiring a Permit

Carnival or Circus

Permitted in all Zoning Districts except SR, SM, R, MR, and RU in Neighborhood Conservation or Neighborhood Rehabilitation plan designations. The maximum length of the permit shall be 15 calendar days. No structure or equipment shall be within 300 feet of an existing residence.

Christmas Tree Sales

Permitted in all Zoning Districts, except SR, SM, R, MR, and RU districts in Neighborhood Conservation or Neighborhood Rehabilitation plan designations. Christmas tree sales are permitted in Planned Development Districts only in those areas designated on approved plans as neighborhood commercial centers. The maximum length for display and open lot sales of Christmas trees shall be 45 calendar days. Unsold trees shall be removed from the site at the end of the 45-calendar day period.

Events of Public Interest

The following need a special events permit, including but not limited to:

  • Crafts Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Farmers Markets
  • Outdoor Art
  • Outdoor Charity Events
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Outdoor Revivals
  • Rallies

The maximum length of a temporary use permit on a specific parcel not occupied by a community park, community center, or school shall be seven consecutive days plus an additional four calendar days for set-up and dismantling within any three-month period. Longer events of public interest up to six consecutive weeks within a six-month period may be allowed, subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors. No structure, equipment, or display shall be located within 300 feet of an existing residence on an adjacent property unless written permission is granted by the adjacent property owner.

Special Events, Including Food

Be advised that any events that include the sale of food are subject to application review and approval by the Cochise County Health and Human Services Department. Food producers that grow and produce food items on their farms are exempt from Health and Human Service fees and permitting and must comply with food code requirements. There are also additional requirements regarding sanitation, contamination, and temperature control.

Special Events Requiring No Permit

The following temporary uses shall be permitted in any Zoning District (unless otherwise stated) and require no temporary use or special event permit. In addition, no permit is required for temporary on-site or off-site signs advertising the special event:

  • Bake sales, rummage sales, car washes, and similar activities for religious, educational, or other charitable purposes.
  • Customarily accessory indoor/outdoor events in permitted non-residential facilities with no significant off-site impacts.
  • Horse shows or exhibits for special events or at commercial stables.
  • Mobile carts or vehicle accessories to an existing permitted non-residential use in a non-residential Zoning District or at a permitted non-residential or approved subdivision construction site for the duration of construction, provided existing parking, loading zones, or driveways are not obstructed. Please note: Health Department requirements must still be met.
  • Recycling Drop-Off Receptacle, accessory to an existing permitted non-residential use in a non-residential Zoning
  • Sale of farm produces on-premise of an agricultural use.
  • Sidewalk or parking lot sale by merchants.
  • Temporary filming on location for television, videos, or motion pictures.
  • Yard sales

How to Apply

All applications must include detailed site plans and a description of the proposed event to help planners verify whether vehicular ingress and egress and traffic circulation; parking areas; and on-site facilities are so located and arranged to avoid traffic congestion, to protect the safety and welfare of the public, and to avoid adverse effects on surrounding properties.

Required Documents

  • Special Event Application
  • Site Plan