Summary of Zoning Districts


All property in unincorporated Cochise County is assigned a zoning designation. The purpose of zoning is to guide the development of land in accordance with the County's Comprehensive Plan and to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the County's residents. Zoning districts specify permitted land uses, minimum lot sizes, and certain sites development standards such as setbacks and screening. Because Cochise County encompasses a large and diverse area, there are 34 individual zoning districts. However, for general purposes, the majority of these zoning districts can be classified into three broad groupings: Rural, Residential, and Commercial/Industrial.

Zoning Districts

A complete description of each zoning district in included in the County's Zoning Regulations To determine the zoning district for a specific parcel, enter your parcel number or assigned address in the search bar on the GIS/InfoMaps tool. For additional assistance, feel free to contact a staff planner.