Commercial / Industrial Zoning Districts


There are several districts established to accommodate business and industrial uses. These Commercial/Industrial zoning districts ranging from least to most intensive are NB (Neighborhood Business), GB (General Business), LI (Light Industry), and HI (Heavy Industry). A number of Special Uses are also possible in these zoning districts. Special uses must be considered on a case-by-case basis and require a public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The commercial and industrial zoning districts are summarized as follows:

Zoning District

Permitted UsesMinimum Lot Size

NB (Neighborhood Business)

Neighborhood-oriented commercial uses, e.g. small shops and offices (residential uses are also permitted)

3,600 square feet

GB (General Business)

General commercial uses, e.g. retail trade, offices, light repair, service establishments, limited warehousing

Generally none

LI (Light Industry)

General light industrial uses, e.g. wholesaling and warehousing operations, manufacturing, repair services


HI (Heavy Industry)

General heavy industrial uses, e.g. manufacturing, recycling centers, junkyards


Zoning Regulations

The Cochise County Zoning Regulations have a complete list of permitted and special uses for each zoning district as well as definitions.