Residential Zoning Districts


There are a variety of residential zoning districts offering a wide range of housing types, lot sizes, and densities. These include SR (Single-Household Residential), SM (Single-Household/Manufactured Home Residential), and MR (Multiple-Household Residential). TR (Transitional Residential) districts are subject to the requirements of the similar Residential Zoning District, for example, TR-8 is treated the same as SR-8. As the name implies, TR districts are located at the fringes of developed areas and act as a transition zone between high-density urban and low-density rural lands.

Zoning DistrictPermitted Housing TypesSpecific DistrictsMinimum Lot Size

SR (Single-Household Residential)

All single household dwellings, excluding mobile and manufactured homes.

SR-36 Acres
SR-18 Acres
SR-10 Acres

36 acres
18 acres
10 acres
4 acres
2 acres
1 acre
22,000 square feet
12,000 square feet
8,000 square feet

SM (Single Household/Manufactured Home Residential)

All single and multiple household dwellings, but excluding mobile homes.

SM-36 Acres
SM-18 Acres
SM-10 Acres

36 acres
18 acres
10 acres
4 acres
2 acres
36,000 square feet
18,000 square feet
9,000 square feet

MR (Multiple- Household Residential)

Single and multiple household dwellings excluding mobile and manufactured homes and recreational vehicles.


3,600 square feet

MR (Multiple- Household Residential)Single and multiple household dwellings including mobile and manufactured homes and parks and recreational vehicle parks.MR-23,600 square feet

R (Residential)

All single household and multiple household dwellings.


36,000 square feet
18,000 square feet
9,000 square feet


For the purpose of clarifying residential uses, the following terms are defined as follows by the Cochise County Zoning Regulations:

  • Dwelling: Any building intended primarily for residential occupancy by one or more households, containing sleeping, cooking, and sanitary facilities.
  • Dwelling, Multiple Household: A single dwelling in a structure containing defined space for two or more households, with separate entrances, cooking, sanitary, and sleeping facilities for each. Multiple household dwellings may include apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and multiplexes.
  • Dwelling, Single Household: A structure surrounded on all sides by open space and setback from the property line, intended for occupancy by one household. This definition includes site or factory-built homes, rehabilitated mobile homes, and manufactured homes, but does not include recreational vehicles. A mobile home that has not been rehabilitated, as required by these Zoning Regulations, may be used for this purpose only if it meets the standards under these Zoning Regulations for lawful nonconforming use.
  • Factory-built Building: A residential or nonresidential building including a dwelling unit or habitable room thereof which is either wholly or in substantial part manufactured at an off-site location to be assembled on-site and placed on a permanent foundation. Factory-Built Buildings are constructed to Building Code standards and are regulated by the Arizona Department of Housing. Factory-Built Buildings do not include manufactured homes, recreational vehicles, or mobile homes. A factory-built building used for residential purposes shall be considered a single-household dwelling unit.
  • Manufactured Home: A structure built in accordance with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 and Title VI of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and as amended. Does not include mobile homes, factory-built buildings, or recreational vehicles.
  • Mobile Home: A structure built prior to June 15, 1976, on a permanent chassis, capable of being transported in one or more sections and designed to be used with or without a permanent foundation as a dwelling when connected to on-site utilities. Does not include recreational vehicles, factory-built buildings, or manufactured homes.
  • Mobile or Manufactured Home Park: A site or parcel of land under single or unified ownership upon which three or more mobile homes, manufactured homes, factory-built buildings, or a combination thereof, are set up as residences, regardless of whether the units are permanently occupied or offered as rental units. In Comprehensive Plan Category, D Growth Areas designated Rural, six or more mobile homes, manufactured homes, factory-built buildings or a combination thereof shall be considered a mobile or manufactured home park.

Zoning Regulations