Temporary Uses

temporary use, construction


Temporary uses are non-permanent uses of the land, that are often, but not always, associated with the construction of permanent facilities. The planning division reviews these requests to ensure that all proposed uses adhere to the relevant site development standards contained in the zoning regulations as well as to avoid traffic congestion, protect the safety and welfare of the public, and avoid adverse effects on the surrounding properties.

Temporary Uses Requiring a Permit

  • Anemometer
  • Contractor's Construction Equipment Storage
  • Contractor's Office, Security Dwelling, or Other Temporary Dwelling During Construction of a Building
  • Temporary occupancy of one RV in conjunction with a permitted principal use (stays of 15 consecutive days or less do not require a permit)
  • Temporary occupancy of one RV in conjunction with the construction of a residential or non-residential permitted principal use.
  • Temporary Subdivision Sales Office

How to Apply

The property owner or authorized agent must fill out and submit a Temporary Use Application. Once reviewed, written authorization is sent to the applicant informing them that their proposed activity is either approved or denied.  If approved, then no other permits are necessary.

Required Documents

  • Temporary Use Application (PDF)
  • Site Plan