A variance is a deviation from the terms of the Cochise County Zoning Regulations when owing to peculiar conditions, a strict interpretation would inflict unnecessary hardship upon the applicant, if in granting such Variance the general intent and purposes of the Zoning Regulations will be preserved.

How to Apply

The process will not begin until fees and all information needed for review are submitted. This fee does not include any building permit fees. Submittal deadlines generally, for a new application is six weeks before the next Board meeting, please call the Planning Division for specific submittal deadlines.

Required Documents

  • Variance Application Form with a site plan (clearly readable and completed per the site plan requirements sheet)
  • $400 application fee

The Board's Decision

The Board members vote on the variance after holding the public hearing. They can vote to approve, deny or approve the variance with conditions.


The Board of Adjustment's decisions can be appealed to the Superior Court within thirty days. The Planning Division is not involved in the appeals process. Information about the appeal process can be requested from the Court offices.