Wells Program

The Development Services Department, in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), approves well sites for parcels that are five acres or less. Well sites are for new wells, wells to be deepened or repaired. At this time the Development Services Department cannot test your well for contamination. Please call ADEQ at 602-364-0720 to obtain a list of licensed labs in the area that can test your water.

Permit & Fees

Well sites require a permit application to be filed through the Development Services Department. The current fee is $50 payable to Cochise County Treasurer and a separate payment of $100 to ADWR (or a fee of $150 if your parcel is located in the INA area). The Development Services Department can collect both payments and upon approval will send the well application and payment to ADWR.

The well application must include a site plan to show the required setbacks. Wells must be at least 5 feet from all property lines and at least 100 from all septic system components. An inspector will need to access your property to determine that the setbacks are met and take GPS readings of the well site.