Engineering & Transportation

Field Technical Services performs a variety of specialized functions:

  • Reconnaissance and soils testing for road projects, staking utilities and other important preparation of sites for construction
  • Placement of street signs on all roads in Cochise County in accordance with the 911 program
  • Placement of all other signage and striping on county-maintained roads
  1. Traffic Engineering
  2. Traffic Signing
  3. Signage

Long-Range Transportation Plan

Long-Range Transportation Plans were developed to guide future infrastructure priorities. This Long-Range Plan (PDF) also consolidated in one document the existing demographic and traffic data that are considered when developing transportation projects.

Road Design & Construction Standards & Specifications

The purpose of these Design Standards (PDF) is to provide consistent design standards and specifications for the roadway network in Cochise County. It also supports the County's infrastructure management goal to prudently manage and preserve the County's infrastructure investments.

Traffic Counts