Long-Range Transportation Plan

The 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan includes a set of potential programs, policies, strategies and multi-modal projects to help move people and goods from one place to another. It also identified the major transportation and economic corridors in the County prioritizing them for proactive right-of-way acquisition, improvements and future upgrades. The 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan also assessed the overall anticipated costs of operating and maintaining the existing transportation system as well as the costs of building, operating and maintaining the new capital investments. These costs were compared to anticipated revenues to determining the extent to which new transportation revenues may be needed.


  • Working Paper One (PDF): This paper compiled information about the County's existing roadway network, projected travel demand into the 2040 out-year of this plan, and identified the transportation system needs and challenges the County currently struggles to address and those that are anticipated to occur in the next 25 years.
  • Working Paper Two (PDF): This paper provided a review of programs, policies, strategies and recommendations by mode of travel that the County may desire to continue or develop over the next 25 years. Existing and projected revenues are discussed in this paper, along with cost estimates and potential sources to address identified transportation system needs.
  • Major Findings and Draft Recommendations (PDF): This short report was prepared for the Board in March of 2015 and provides a succinct list of the major findings that were identified through the study efforts. These findings then guided the Board of Supervisors in prioritizing recommendations and phasing for future transportation projects, studies and activities.
  • 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan Final Report (PDF): This May 2015 report summarizes the existing transportation network information, traffic data and future considerations, discusses the Board of Supervisors direction and stakeholder input, provides a eight step strategy for implementation of the Long-Range Transportation Plan recommendations. Prioritized recommendations are listed in Appendix A.
  • Final Summary Report and Recommendations (PDF): This 20 page booklet provides an abstract of the final report along with a complete set of the prioritized long-range transportation plan recommendations.

Plan Developments

Over time, recommendations identified in the 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan will be integrated into the Highway and Floodplain annual work plans. High priority tasks will be undertaken, studies conducted and projects staged to take advantage of available funding. Like any plan, this 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan, provides a specific point in time perspective. Typically, long-range plans are updated every five to ten years; adjusted to reflect work accomplished, identify new needs that have arisen and revisit the funding resources and cost estimates that are available.