Detention Services

Detention provides short-term secure confinement for delinquent youth awaiting adjudication, placement, or serving a sentence as ordered by a Juvenile Court Judge. Detention is designed to provide short-term control of youths who pose an immediate danger to themselves or others.

In January 2021 Cochise County partnered with Pinal County for detention purposes. Youth who require detention are screened by the Cochise Detention Screening and Transport team. If the youth warrants detention or if a judge orders a youth into detention the team then transports the youth to be held at the Pinal County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Facts About Detention

You may learn more about Detention by visiting the Arizona Courts website.

  • Delinquent youth can only be held in Detention if they:
    • Meet the requirements (Rules of Court: Rule 23)
    • Ordered into detention by a Juvenile Court Judge
  • Only the Juvenile Court Judge can order a youth into Detention beyond the initial 48 hours.
  • A Detention Hearing is held within 48 hours of admission to a Detention facility. No juvenile shall be held in detention for more than twenty-four hours unless a petition alleging incorrigible or delinquent conduct or a criminal complaint has been filed. The Juvenile Court Judge decides if the youth should continue in Locked Detention, be returned home, or placed in a less restrictive placement. The Judge uses the following criteria to make the decision (Rule 23):
    • The juvenile otherwise will not be present at any hearing
    • The juvenile is likely to commit an offense injurious to self or others
    • The juvenile must be held for another jurisdiction
    • The interests of the juvenile or the public require custodial protection
    • The juvenile must be held pending the filing of a complaint pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 13-501
  • Youth with the following conditions cannot be admitted to the Detention facility:
    • Attempted suicide
    • Neglected, abused, abandoned
    • Out of control
    • Possessing or consuming alcohol
    • Runaway (resident of the State of Arizona)
    • Truant
    • Under age 8
    • Ungovernable or incorrigible

Report Abuse

To report sexual abuse or any other type of abuse, call:

  • The Child Protective Services (CPS) Hotline: 888-767-2445
  • Mexican Consulate: 520-364-3107
  • The 24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 520-327-7273