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How to Seal/Expunge a Marijuana Record

Arizona Voters recently passed Proposition 207, legalizing marijuana for personal use in Arizona. Prop 207 allows people to ask the court to expunge or seal their marijuana-related criminal records. 

Proposition 207 Process  

The County Attorney's office is taking direct applications.

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Beginning in 1963 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Gideon v. Wainwright that the criminally accused are entitled to representation-states have been required to provide attorneys to indigent criminal defendants. Since then, the right to appointment of counsel has expanded into other areas of the law.

In Cochise County, these services are provided by the Offices of Legal Advocate, whose attorneys are appointed by the Superior Courts and Justice Courts to represent indigent people facing criminal charges, juveniles in delinquency adjudication and dependency proceedings, and mental health commitments. The Legal Advocate is dedicated to the principles of equal opportunity under the law and fair representation. Deputies and staff are committed to practices that assist the Legal Advocate in achieving these principles as effectively and efficiently as possible, in a manner that upholds the dignity of our clients.