Public Works

Highway Division

The Highway Division maintains, repairs, and constructs the County roads that have been accepted by the Cochise County Board of Supervisors. This group conducts field work from five individual Road Yards working on approximately 680 miles of paved roads and 761 miles of dirt roads. 

Maintenance is allowed only on County Maintained Roads and is governed by AZ State Statue. Only roads classified as County Maintained Roads are eligible for maintenance as the use of HURF funds is governed by State Statute Section 28-6705.

Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for providing a high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally safe solid waste disposal solutions to its customers through a regional solid waste disposal service. This service is provided in conformance with the terms of the intergovernmental agreements for solid waste disposal services between Cochise County and the participating cities while operating within the funding limitations of the system.

Fleet Division

The Fleet Division  is an Internal Services  workgroup that services, repairs and coordinates the replacement of approximately 400 cars, trucks and vans utilized by county employees to provide a variety of services to our citizens. All work is coordinated through our Fleet Shop located in Bisbee.