Cochise County Archives stores, provides access to and protects vital historical records that document the story of county activities, events and decisions whereby citizens through the study of these records can gain a better understanding of county history, government and culture.


Reservations to conduct research are not necessary but are recommended. Email Kevin Pyles for more information.

Visitor Rules

Reservations are advised and can be made in advance by calling 520-432-8430. Those with reservations shall have priority access.

  • Access is limited to three individuals at any one time.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Cameras are not allowed without prior approval under limited circumstances.
  • Cell phones are not allowed under any circumstances.

Add to the Collection

The Cochise County Treasurer is continually researching and collecting Cochise County history and items to display. If you have items to donate or stories to tell or photographs that can be copied email Kevin Pyles.


The Cochise County Archives facility is decorated with historical displays and photo collections to enhance the legacy of our rich history. The display cases hold a wide range of items related to ranching, mining, to the County Fair.

Photo Display Topics: 1909, Agriculture, Aviation, Baseball, Badger Clark, Cochise County Birds, Cochise County Mountains, Cowboys, Historic Trails, Mexican Revolution, Military, People and Places, Railroads, San Pedro River Corridor, Schools, Sheriff of Cochise/Stan Jones, Ned White