Sandbags & Monsoon Awareness

Self-Serve Sandbagging Locations

Availability Monday through Friday, 7 am to 3 pm:

  • Benson Road Yard, 901 E 4th Street
  • Bisbee Road Yard, 1229 Hereford Road
  • Douglas Road Yard, 3665 N Leslie Canyon Road
  • Elfrida Road Yard, 3988 W Thompson Road
  • Willcox Road Yard, 500 W Railroad Avenue

Limited availability:

  • Hereford Pit Material Yard - Please call 520-432-9310

Anytime availability:

  • Bowie - 766 W Business Loop off I-10
  • Coronado Lakes Estates (Douglas) off Cipriano Drive at the Water Tanks
  • Elfrida Fire Department, 10293 N Central Highway
  • Palominas Fire (Hereford Station), 10202 E Highway 92
  • Palominas Fire (Miracle Valley Station) 9695 E Highway 92
  • Portal - Intersection of Foothills and Portal Road
  • Whetstone Fire District, 2422 N Firehouse Lane
  • Willow Lakes Subdivision (Benson) at the Water Tank

Monsoon & Flash Flood Safety Tips

  • Drive with caution - It is recommended to drive 5 mph below posted speed limit in the rain
  • Approach curves slowly - if you start to hydroplane, turn your steering wheel into the direction of the skid
  • To reduce hydroplaning ricks - approaching flood areas, slow down, avoid braking hard or turning sharply, drive in the track of the vehicle ahead Please note: Never use cruise control in wet weather driving conditions.
  • Do not cross flooded washes
  • Be aware of traffic signs - ignoring safety signs "Do not enter when flooded" or "Road Closed" you may encounter a life-threatening situation and may be financially responsible for your own rescue.
  • Know the area - determine an alternate route if necessary
  • Call 911 in all life-threatening emergencies - the Public Works Department cannot enter flooded or muddy areas with heavy equipment
  • Make other accommodations, if necessary

Please note: Although you have the right to protect your property from floodwater your actions should not divert or obstruct the natural flow of runoff.

Except for road damage all repairs or grading of roads cannot be done until the weather is dry. Operating heavy equipment on muddy roads or shoulders can risk the safety of operators and equipment and cause further damage.