Environmental Health Services Division


Environmental Health Programs ensures a safe and healthy environment for the residents of Cochise County, the Environmental Health Division provides many services to the general public and the regulated community. These services are summarized in the following programs:

  • Food Safety (Establishments, Fixed Food Facilities, Mobile Food Units, Temporary Food Permit)
  • Public Accommodations (Motel, Hotel, Lodging)
  • Recreational Health (Pools/Spas)
  • Septic Systems
  • Vector Control (Surveillance for insects and animals that could pose a public health threat)

Investigations & Disclosures

Investigations will be conducted as quickly as possible, dependent on the health risk involved. Anonymous complaints will be investigated as time permits. Upon verification of the complaint, EHD will take all appropriate actions necessary to resolve the complaint.

By law, EHD is obligated to release the name (s) of the person (s) filing the complaint, provided a written request for this information is received. However, EHD will maintain the anonymity of the complainant until we are legally required to release that information.

Online Licensing, Permitting, and Complaint Submissions

Fee Schedule

  1. Food Safety
  2. Public Accommodations
  3. Recreational Health
  4. Septic Systems
  5. Vector Control


In Cochise County, whether you're shopping at a supermarket, eating at an outdoor festival, dining in a restaurant, or enjoying free food at a public event, the law requires people selling or serving that food to do so in accordance with the Arizona Food Code to keep that food safe. Our food code was adopted from the Federal Food Code. Ensuring safe food for the citizens of Cochise County requires a reliable way to evaluate and practice food safety in producing, preparing, packaging, storing, and distribution. These final steps are important to bring that food to the table, especially when you eat in public, safely.

If you wish to open a restaurant, a bar, a bakery, a food store, a pushcart, a temporary food booth, or any other way to serve food to the public here in Cochise County, contact our offices. We'll help you determine if the facility you're planning to build, rent or buy will be satisfactory to the foodservice business. Even if you're only planning to serve hot dogs at a Fourth of July event, or prepare Carne Asada at a church event contact us to submit a permit application. Together we will prepare your operation for safe food handling for the public.

Fixed Food Facilities (Eating Establishments)

Mobile Food Units

Temporary Food Permits