Establishment Fees


Establishment of Risk Categories for Food Vendors definitions are as follows:

  • Risk 1: Examples include most convenience store operations, hot dog carts, and coffee shops. Establishments that serve or sell only pre-packaged, non-potentially hazardous foods (nontime/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods). Establishments that prepare only non-potentially hazardous foods (non- S foods). Establishments that heat only commercially processed potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods) for hot holding. No cooling of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods)
  • Risk 2: Examples may include retail food store operations, schools not serving a highly susceptible population, and quick service operations. Limited menu. Most products are prepared/cooked and served immediately. May involve hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods) after preparation of or cooking. Complex preparation of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods) requiring cooking, cooling, and reheating for hot holding is limited to only a few potentially hazardous foods ( S foods).
  • Risk 3: An example is a full-service restaurant. Extensive menu and handling of raw ingredients. Complex preparation including cooking, cooling, and reheating for hot holding involves many potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods). A variety of processes require hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods).
  • Risk 4: Examples include preschools, hospitals, nursing homes, and establishments conducting processing at retail. Includes establishments serving a highly susceptible population or that conduct specialized processes, e.g., smoking and curing; reduced oxygen packaging for extended shelf life.


Payments can be made at any Health and Social Services location or at the time of your inspection. We accept credit/debit cards, cash, check, money orders, or Cashier's Checks. There is a minimum convenience fee of $2 for credit/debit cards and a sliding scale convenience fee for transactions over $50. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

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