Health Policy Initiative


This program serves the community by assisting schools and worksites in developing an organizational health and wellness policy.

Please call 520-432-9493 or email Healthy Living for more information.

School Health Support

  • Assists school wellness coordinators in drafting and revising a school wellness policy in accordance with the USDA Final Rule
  • Participates in School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) meetings and supports strategy implementation
  • Collaborates with the University of Arizona Collaborative Extension in school health promotion projects

Healthy Arizona Worksites Program

  • Engages in healthy community meetings across the county to promote worksite wellness proposals and ideas
  • Contributes information, resources, and connections to worksite wellness stakeholders
  • Presents comparative data and training opportunities to employers who wish to reduce medical costs/absenteeism and increase retention 
  • Healthy Arizona Worksites Program website
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