Chronic Disease Education

Hypertension Counteroffensive

Hypertension Counteroffensive delivers individuals a deeper understanding of the multiple factors that affect heart health. We introduce evidence-based opportunities for developing new and rewarding health and lifestyle habits. The presentation also explores the ‘secrets’ of a few unique communities from around the world, where community members enjoy great health and vitality.  

Boosting Brain Health

In Boosting Brain Health, we will examine evidence-based tactics for combating the rising wave of anxiety and depression in our communities. Most individuals who screen for anxiety or depression opt appropriately to deploy ‘self-care’ tools, and we will explore such options. Our nutrition and health habits play a major role in our sense of well-being, and we’ll address these lifestyle attributes and how they can protect our brains from dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Reading Food Labels

As an introduction to decoding food packages, this presentation addresses how to interpret the numbers representing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. We’ll compare common foods to the recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), and also heighten our awareness of the top dietary threat worldwide, excessive sodium.  

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