Tobacco Education

Tobacco Cessation Resources

The Arizona Smokers' Helpline (ASHLine) offers free telephone service to help people quit nicotine. Whether you are thinking about quitting, you're ready to quit, or just working to stay quit, they can help.

ASHLine offers free confidential 24/7 coaching services via phone, text, chat or online services with a qualified tobacco treatment specialist coach. Nicotine replacement therapy is also available upon qualification. 

Benefits of Using ASHLine:   Ashline logo Opens in new window

  • Tobacco Quit Coaches are professional and qualified
  • Chances of successfully quitting are doubled
  • Smoke-free living tips are provided
  • Resources are provided so you can stay on track 
  • YOU have the satisfaction of telling your loved ones that you quit for good!

To connect with ASHLine, call 1-800-55-66-222.

Is your Worksite or organization interested in an ASHLine Training

Email Healthy Living or call 520-432-9493.

Arizona Retailer Tobacco Training (ARTT)

Discover how to comply with state and federal laws regulating youth access to tobacco through the Arizona Retailer Tobacco Training (ARTT). Cochise County Tobacco Prevention Program, in partnership with the Arizona Attorney General's Office and Arizona Department of Health Services, offers the free ART Training. Individuals and tobacco retailers will learn how to avoid tobacco sales to minors and costly fines by following the state law.

Sign up for ART Training or call (520) 432-9493 for more information. 

Let us help you gain the knowledge you need to prevent underage tobacco sales!

Youth Health Coalition

Do you want to be part of a dynamic group that supports tobacco-free healthy lifestyles! Cochise County Health & Social Services can assist with bringing a group of youth together to empower their peers, educate and advocate for tobacco free living.

The coalition focuses on strengthening limitations on tobacco products and sales to youth, advising youth on tobacco harms and tobacco industry tactics; and inspiring community members to act.

Through our work to prevent tobacco use among youth, the coalition:

  • Plans and participates in health events
  • Develops presentation messaging
  • Provides community outreach services
  • Develops and implements policy
  • Recruits other youth to join our cause 

Another exciting activity we participate in is the Tobacco Vendor Compliance Checks, also known as Counter Strike Youth. We work alongside the Attorney General's Office to ensure tobacco vendors are not selling tobacco products to minors. 

Build your local youth coalition

We encourage residents of Cochise County to start their own local youth coalition to help high school and middle school students become motivated, driven, and passionate leaders in creating a healthier and tobacco-free environment in Cochise County. Regular meetings provide opportunities for training, leadership development, and advocacy. 

Cochise County Tobacco Prevention program can provide you with resources and support to help you get started and make a difference in your community. Together, we can create a healthier and tobacco-free Arizona!

For more information, email Healthy Living or call 520-432-9493.