The County Recorder performs two essential functions: processing documents primarily related to real estate transactions and maintaining voter registration records for all jurisdictions within the county and performing related responsibilities as statutorily required.

  1. Recording Requirements
  2. Electronic Recording
  3. Recorder History

Recording Requirements

Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 44-1373

Pursuant to ARS 11-480:

  • Each document must have a title or caption briefly stating the nature of the document.
  • Each document must be an original or a copy of the original, and shall be sufficiently legible for recorder to make certified copies from the photographic or micrographic record.
  • Each document must have original signatures or carbon copies of original signatures, except when otherwise provided by law.
  • Each document must be no larger than 8 1/2 inches wide by 14 inches long, and shall have a print size no smaller than ten point type.
  • Each document must have at least a one-half inch margin across the bottom and the left and right sides from the top to the bottom. The first page shall have a top margin of at least two inches of vertical space from left to right, and shall be reserved for recordation and return address information.
  • Any document which modifies a previously recorded document must state the recording date, and docket and page or sequence number of the document being modified.
  • Documents evidencing a transfer of title of real property must be accompanied by an "Affidavit of Property Value," as set forth in ARS 11-1133. All documents submitted without an affidavit or with any incomplete or missing information as required by the statute will be rejected and returned to the submitter. Transfers exempt from the Affidavit as set forth in ARS 11-1134 must be accompanied by the Arizona Department of Revenue exemption number at the time of recording. Instructions are set forth in ARS 11-1134.C.
  • The Cochise County Recorder's Office is under instruction from the Cochise County Attorney's Office not to give legal advice or guidance. Please consult an attorney or title company for this type of information.