Enforce Parenting Time Order

Enforce a Court Order for Parenting Time, or if for Non-Parent, "Visitation"

  • You are a parent and have a Court Order for parenting time from Cochise County, or
  • You are (a grandparent or other person) who has a Court Order for "visitation" from Cochise County, and
  • The other party won't allow access to the child(ren) according to the court order or the schedule contained in the Parenting Plan incorporated into the court order, or
  • The other party has otherwise failed to comply with the terms of the court order for parenting time or visitation.

You may not use this packet to:

  • Modify (change) your existing Order
  • Force someone entitled to parenting time or visitation to exercise his or her rights to time with the children.
    • Please note: If the other parent or person entitled to parenting time or visitation consistently fails to exercise his or her parenting time rights, you may ask the court to modify the court order. This packet will not modify the existing order.