Judicial Merit Rules & Human Resources Policies

Merit Rules

Human Resources Policies

Policy NumberPolicy Title
1000Equal Opportunity Employer (PDF)
1001Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (PDF)
1002Discrimination and Harassment (PDF)
1003Nepotism (PDF)
1004Volunteers and Interns (PDF)
2000Workplace Violence Prevention (PDF)
2001Weapons in the Workplace (PDF)
2002Smoke-Free Workplace (PDF)
2003Constructive Discharge (PDF)
2004Traumatic Event Counseling for Peace Officers (PDF)
2005Special Medical Evaluation (PDF)
2006Drug and Alcohol Use Testing (PDF)
2007Children in the Workplace (PDF)
2008Attendance During Influenza or Another Viral Pandemic (PDF)
2009Lactation Accommodation (PDF)

Lactation Accommodation Request Form (PDF)
3000Hours of Operation, Work Week, and Work Schedule (PDF)
3001Electronic Communication (PDF)
3002Outside Employment and Volunteer Activities (PDF)
3003Property and Equipment (PDF)
3004Travel Reimbursement (PDF)
3005Vehicle Use (PDF)
3006Election Poll Workers (PDF)
3007Employees Ineligible for Rehire (PDF)
3008Political and Campaign Activity (PDF)
3009Solicitation (PDF)
4000Classification Plan (PDF)
4001Compensation Plan (PDF)
4002Performance Standards and Appraisals (PDF)
4003Holidays (PDF)
4004Overtime and Compensatory Time (PDF)
4005Personal Leave (PDF)
4006Sick Leave (PDF)
4007Special Leave Circumstances (PDF)
4008Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (PDF)
4008.1Family Medical Leave Procedures (PDF)
4009Leave Donation and Usage (PDF)
4010Birthday Leave (PDF)
4011Telecommuting (PDF)
4012Call Back and On-Call Pay (PDF)
4013Leave of Absence Without Pay (PDF)
5000Public Records Requests (PDF)
5001Employment Reference Checks (PDF)
5002Personal Data Changes (PDF)
5003Department Supplemental Personnel Policies and Records (PDF)