Worksite Fitness+

Fitness & Health Program for Cochise County Employees

  • Exercise Rooms available in Bisbee - Melody Lane Complex and Old Bisbee Annex Building, Benson, Douglas, Sierra Vista & Willcox - Orientation, instruction and support provided for the use of exercise rooms.
  • Virtual Fitness Classes - Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon
    • Tuesdays - Restorative Yoga with Coral Amayi
    • Wednesdays - Express: 30 minutes full-body metabolic strength
    • Thursdays - MELT and Meditate: MELT method, stretching, mindfulness
  • Yoga with Catherine Barney - Fridays @ 12:00, Annex Building, Old Bisbee
  • Zumba with Jae Jones Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm, BOS LobbyWorksite Fitness Logo dumbbell building mountain
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Fitness Goal Setting
  • Action Plan Support
  • Wellness Drop - Informational Emails
  • Health/Wellness/Fitness Presentations
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Health/Wellness Challenges

Email Ana Maria Flannigan, to schedule your initial assessment.

December Wellness Drop

The holidays are a great time of the year, but they can also be very stressful.

 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

  1. Avoid unnecessary stress – learn to say no; avoid people who stress you out; take control of your environment; avoid hot-button topics; pare down your to-do list.
  2. Alter the Situation – express your feelings instead of bottling them up; be willing to compromise; be more assertive; manage your time better.
  3. Adapt to the stressor – reframe problems; look at the big picture; adjust your standards (perfectionism is a major source of avoidable stress); focus on the positive.
  4. Accept the things you can’t change – don’t try to control the uncontrollable; look for the upside; share your feelings; learn to forgive.
  5. Make time for fun and relaxation – set aside time to relax; connect with others; do something you enjoy every day; keep your sense of humor.
  6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle – exercise regularly; eat a healthy and nutritious diet; reduce caffeine and sugar; avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs; get enough sleep.

I wish you lots of joy and great health this holiday season.