Worksite Fitness+

Fitness & Health Program for Cochise County Employees

  • Exercise Rooms available in Bisbee, Benson, Douglas, Sierra Vista & Willcox - Orientation, instruction and support provided for the use of exercise rooms.
  • Virtual Fitness Classes - Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon
    • Wednesdays - Express: 30 minutes full-body metabolic strength
    • Thursdays - MELT and Meditate: MELT method, stretching, mindfulness
  • Yoga with Catherine Barney - Fridays @ 12:00, Annex Building, Old Bisbee
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Fitness Goal Setting
  • Action Plan Support
  • Wellness Drop - Informational Emails
  • Health/Wellness/Fitness Presentations
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Health/Wellness Challenges

February Wellness Drop

Did you make any fitness/wellness resolutions or plans this year?

How’s it going?

Let the Worksite Fitness+ Program help you maintain your wellness and fitness goals!

A fitness assessment will give you key insights into your fitness level. This will allow you to build, with my help, a personalized plan that will deliver the real results you want.

Schedule a fitness assessment. Email Ana Maria with a time and date that works for you. First come, first serve.

Near Year Resolution for Fitness