Commercial/ Non-Residential Projects

New buildings

Applicants that wish to construct a new non-residential structure, which includes multi-family buildings, are required to submit an application, and associated construction plans, for a commercial permit. All submittals are online. This page provides guidance regarding the process, and our expectations, to help expedite the process. 

Required Forms

  • Cochise County joint permit application with signed certification and acknowledgement form
  • Acknowledgement of property ownership or agent authorization
  • Commercial contractor identification attachment
  • Application fee

Required Plans/Attachments

  • Site plan(s)
  • Off-site improvement plan(s)
  • Right-of-way encroachment permit or private road maintenance agreement
  • Hazardous material attachment
  • Commercial lighting plan attachments, with specification sheets, diagrams
  • Sign permit application
  • Drainage statement

Additional Plans/Attachments that may be required

  • Landscape plans and irrigation plans (for property within growth Categories A or B)
  • Floodplain use permit and elevation certificate (if property is within a floodplain) 
  • Drainage analysis attachment
  • Sierra Vista sub-watershed water conservation attachment
  • Supplemental checklist for antennas and towers
  • Traffic analysis/traffic impact study
  • Dust control plan

Other Agency Review and Approvals

  • Fire District review plan and fees
  • Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA) Notice of Intent to Clear Land
  • Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Notice of Intent, and/or 401 Permit
  • Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Right-of-Way/Encroachment Permit
  • Corps of Engineer (USACOE) 404 Permit

Basic Construction Plan Requirements

    • Tax parcel ID number
    • North arrow and scale
    • The seal of an Arizona Registered Professional
    • Name of development and developer, the site plan creation and/or revision date, the name of the person preparing the plan with their signature.
    • Project boundary and Parcel/lot boundaries if applicable
    • If project is phased, phase lines shall be clearly identified and labeled
    • Building footprints with building height and square footage 
    • Presence of proposed grading limits
    • Show the location, and note the height and type of materials, of any existing or proposed walls, fences or screening 
    • Location of existing and proposed driveway locations, showing a sight distance triangle illustrating the required clear zone for drivers 
    • Adjacent public and private streets
    • Location of any wells onsite
    • Location of any septic tank, leach field and area for 100 percent expansion. Note distances to: all structures, your well, any washes, property lines and to any other required setbacks. 
    • Location, depth, and width, of all drainage ways within 300 feet of any improvements.