Text Amendments

Cochise County
Pre-App Meeting Request
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The purpose of zoning is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the County's residents as well as to guide the development of land in accordance with the County's Comprehensive Plan. Zoning districts specify permitted land uses, minimum lot sizes, and certain site development standards such as setbacks and screening.  A zoning text amendment is a modification to the text of the zoning regulations. Text amendment are generally undertaken to update, revise, streamline, or add new regulations to better align with the changing needs, goals, or priorities of a community.

Some examples of text amendments are adding permitted uses to a zoning district, amending setback or yard requirements, modifying sign regulations, and/or changing administrative procedures. It is important to note that text amendments can potentially impact many residents of Cochise County. The potential impact on all residents should be considered. 


  • Request a Pre-Application Meeting with planning staff. 
  • Complete a Zoning Text Amendment Application (PDF)
  • Submit your application online through our permitting portal, under "Apply for a P&Z project." Deadlines for Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings are the last Friday of every month.
  • Once the application is accepted you will be contacted by planning staff. If the application is complete, it will be placed under review, and you will be able to submit the processing fee.
  • A case planner will prepare a staff memo, presentation, and fulfill all remaining citizen review and public notification requirements.
  • The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the request during a public hearing and offer a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.
  • The Board of Supervisors will consider the request during a second public hearing. The decision of the Board is final. If approved, the text amendment to the Zoning Regulations will be effective 30-days following the Board of Supervisors hearing.