Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

A number of voting options are available to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities:

  • Cochise County Vote Centers are ADA accessible.
  • All voters may sign up for ballot by mail. Receive a ballot by mail automatically for every election you’re eligible to vote in or a one-time request for an election by contacting the Recorder’s Office.
  • Any voter may vote early, in person, at the Recorder’s Office which is fully ADA accessible. You can avoid lines and crowds and vote up to three weeks before a scheduled election day. 
  • Accessible voting devices are available at all voting locations with trained poll workers able to assist any voter.
  • Cochise County voters may request braille or large print ballots by calling (520) 432-8970 at least ten days prior to an election.
  • Voters who need assistance due to a confining illness or disability may request a Special Election Board to help you to vote in your home. Call (520) 432-8358 or email for more information and include your Full Name, Residence Address, Contact Information and Date of Birth for verification purposes. 
  • The County provides curbside voting on a printed paper ballot for persons who wish to vote at a voting center on Election Day, but who are unable to leave their vehicles due to a disability. Arrangements must be made at least 15 days in advance of a scheduled election day and no sooner than 30 days before Election Day. To request this accommodation, please contact the Elections Department at (520) 432-8970 or email  We will need your Full Name, Residence Address, Contact Information and Date of Birth for verification purposes. You must select one of the 17 Vote Centers in Cochise County you wish to use on Election Day at the time of the request..

More information about all of these options is available on our FAQ section. You may contact us at (520) 432-8970 or