What Do I Need to Bring with Me to Get A Passport?

You will need:

  • Your completed DS-11 application(s) (one can be obtained online at the U.S. State Department Website, the U.S. Post Office or from the Clerk’s Office), which must be filled out in black ink only. Do not sign it until you are sworn in by the Clerk.
  • Your pictures, which can be obtained from anywhere passport pictures are issued (i.e. Walgreens, etc.)
  • All necessary documents – expired passport, birth certificate (original or certified), and picture ID (driver’s license, etc.). Original birth certificates will be returned to you.

Renewal of expired passports under 5 years old (15 years from issue), must be done by you, the applicant.  You can get the DS-82 application(s) from the same locations as previously mentioned.

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