I won my case. How do I get my money?

A copy of the arbitrator's written Notice of Decision will be mailed to each party. If neither party appeals within twenty (20) days, the arbitrator's decision will become a judgment of the court. After you received your copy of the judgment, you must make a written demand of the other party to pay the judgment amount. If they do not pay, at your request the court can provide you with the forms you may file to try to collect.

If the other party does not make full payment, you may file a request to have a writ issued. If these writs are not effective in collecting the judgment, obtaining the services of an attorney may be helpful. Please note that it is not the responsibility of the court to enforce or collect the judgment. Court staff cannot offer you legal advice but can suggest several alternative methods of procedure you may wish to follow. You may also research the laws yourself or consult an attorney.

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