Are there any additional requirements for rezoning property?

Conditions reasonably related to the impacts of the rezoning can be required, such as the submittal of a Traffic Impact Analysis, to determine off-site road impacts and are therefore the responsibility of the applicant.  If a proposed rezoning will increase the residential density or intensity of uses significantly in a particular area or is comprised of a number of different uses or zoning districts, then a Master Development Plan may be required with the request.

A Master Development Plan (MDP) is a way for the applicant to communicate to the County how the proposed area will be developed with regards to roads, sewage treatment, drainage, location of uses, and other issues of public health and safety.  An MDP must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  Details regarding MDPs can be found in Section 2.09.060 of the Zoning Regulations.

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6. Are there any additional requirements for rezoning property?