I’m disabled, how can I vote?

All vote centers have been chosen with special needs voters in mind. Each location will provide handicap parking and be able to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs, as well as, individuals with visual or hearing impairments. Often times a temporary modification will be made to the polling location providing easier accessibility for the voter.

Accessible Voting Systems

All vote centers have accessible voting devices for use by all voters.  These machines can be adjusted for vision difficulty and have headphones to have the ballot read to the voter.  In addition to the accessible voting devices, each poling location will have magnifying instruments, large print versions of the publicity pamphlets, and trained poll workers who are ready to assist you.

Active Early Voting

If you have a permanent physical disability, you may request to be placed on the Active Early Voter List (AEVL). You will be mailed a ballot for each election that you are eligible for and can vote from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Register to be a permanent early voter at ServiceArizona or contact the Recorder’s Office at 520-432-8358.

Special Assistance

Cochise County voters may request braille or large print ballots by calling the Elections Department at (520) 432-8970 at least ten days prior to an election.

Voters who need assistance due to a confining illness or disability may request a Special Election Board to help you to vote in your home. Call the Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8358 or email recorder@cochise.az.gov for more information and include your Full Name, Residence Address, Contact Information and Date of Birth for verification purposes. 

For persons who wish to vote at a voting center on election day but who are unable to leave their vehicles due to a disability, the County can provide curbside voting on a printed paper ballot. Arrangement must be made at least 15 days in advance of a scheduled election day and not sooner than 30 days before the election day. To request this accommodation, please contact the Elections Department at (520) 432-8970 or email elections@cochise.az.gov.  We will need your Full Name, Residence Address, Contact Information and Date of Birth for verification purposes. You must identify one single voting center location where you will be voting on election day.

Emergency voting is available in person at the Recorder’s Office the Monday before an election.

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