I’ve decided to run for office, what do I need to know?

First, find out who your filing office is and where it is located. Not all candidates file at the County Elections office. It depends on which elected position you're interested in: Federal and State Offices file with the Arizona Secretary of State:

  • Countywide Offices file with the Elections Department in Bisbee
  • Special District Board Offices (Including College District) file with the Elections Department in Bisbee
  • School Board Offices file with the Cochise County School Superintendent located at 4001 E Foothills Drive, Suite A, Sierra Vista, AZ 520-803-3380.

Pull a candidate packet from the website if you are seeking a Countywide, Special, or School District Office. The packet contains all the forms and information you need to run for office. Countywide Offices are Partisan Elections. Currently, the only Parties recognized in Cochise County are the Republican and Democrat Parties. Independents may run for Countywide Offices. Special and School District Board Offices are Non-Partisan elections and any qualified elector in that district may run for Office.

Circulate your petitions and gather signatures. You must file a Candidate Statement of Interest with the Elections Department prior to collecting signatures. Candidates for Precinct Committeemen do not file this form. Register your committee (if applicable) by filing a Statement of Organization. You can form a committee at any time A.R.S. §16-905. You do not have to file a committee until such time as you spend or collect, in aggregate, more than $1,300. You must then file a Statement of Organization. You are then required to file quarterly and pre-election Campaign Finance Reports through the election, and once more when the committee terminates.

Refer to the Candidate Handbook for important campaign information. Election staff cannot give advice or assist in filling out paperwork for candidates seeking office. Check back on the website for updates and petition signature requirements after January 15 of an election year. File your paperwork with the appropriate filing office when required. Terminate your committee (if applicable) after the election.

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