I can’t afford my property taxes. What can I do?

If you believe your property is incorrectly assessed or is in fact valued in excess of market value, contact the Assessor's Office and get more information on filing an appeal. This will not impact the 2023 tax bill but would address the problem for the 2024 tax bill.

Note: Individual Property Tax Exemption: an exemption is available to property owners qualifying as a widow, widower, or an individual who is 100% totally and permanently disabled. There is an income and property valuation limitation. The filing deadline is March 1 of each year.

Note: Senior Property Valuation Freeze Option: a property owner 65 years of age or older may qualify to have their property value frozen for a three-year period which can be renewed every three years, resulting in a permanent freeze. The filing deadline is September 1 of each year.

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1. Why did I receive this notice of valuation?
2. What does it mean?
3. Does everyone get a notice?
4. What is the full cash value?
5. What is the limited property value?
6. What is the legal classification of property?
7. Why are 2024 values being set now?
8. Why did the full cash value go up?
9. Can the limited property value go up and the full cash value go down?
10. How can the full cash value increase in a depressed market?
11. Is the County just increasing values to get more tax revenue?
12. Did every property owner get the same increase/decrease?
13. How is the full cash value determined?
14. Why did the value go up when I have done nothing to the property?
15. What can I do about the increase?
16. Are my taxes going up?
17. I can’t afford my property taxes. What can I do?
18. What happens if I file an appeal?