How often will my dirt road be graded?

The current grading schedule is as follows:

  • Every four weeks:
    • Cascabel Road
    • Geronimo Trail to Milepost 13.5
  • All other roads are scheduled every nine to twelve weeks.
  • Primitive roads are scheduled once or twice per year.

Please note: The above schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as heavy rain storms, equipment breakdowns, etc.

Primitive Road

"Primitive Road" is a special designation of public roads established by State Statute Section 28-6706. These roads are substandard dirt roads that have been maintained by the County prior to June 13, 1975. On this date, Arizona counties were granted the authority to establish road construction standards and require that roads opened after this date meet those standards before receiving publicly funded maintenance. Primitive roads are signed as such as a warning to the public of the substandard conditions. This allows the County to perform minimal maintenance with minimal exposure to liability. 

One of the most important recurring functions of the Highway Division is to grade dirt roads that are within the maintenance system. Due to the County's extremely dry climate, the roads are often dusty and corrugated. The "wash board" effect cannot be eliminated by "ripping them out" because without the proper moisture content and the appropriate compacting equipment, this would create a larger problem than that which already exists. Also, more frequent dry blading only makes these conditions worse. 

This department is committed to maintaining the hundreds of miles of dirt roads within the County to the best of our ability with the funding, equipment and manpower available.

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