Will the County purchase and install a culvert at my driveway entrance?

The purchase, installation and maintenance of driveway culverts are the responsibility of the property owner. The Public Works Department does not install, maintain nor clean out driveway culverts.

Please note: The County will only install a driveway culvert during the time of a major reconstruction project on a county maintained road.

Roadside Ditches

Roadside ditches are necessary to convey runoff flows, thereby enabling roadways to remain more passable from adjacent properties. The means of access across roadside ditches must be configured to preserve adequate drainage. Therefore, if a resident desires access to private property via a driveway culvert across roadway ditches within County public, maintained rights-of-way, a County Right-of-Way permit must be completed and submitted to the Cochise County Engineering and Natural Resources Department, along with the appropriate fee, for review. 

If the permit is approved and installation is determined to be compatible with existing conditions by the County, including drainage, flow line elevations and maintenance requirements, the resident can then purchase and install a driveway culvert according to the specifications as outlined within the permit.

Culverts Under Roadways

Large culverts under the roadways are the responsibility of this department and are on the maintenance schedule.

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