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Board of Supervisors Customer Service Survey

  1. The County partners with the Quality of Life Index effort in Cochise County. As part of this effort we are measuring our resident satisfaction with county services. If you have had occasion to contact the Board of Supervisors office or use their website we invite you to take this survey. Your comments and concerns are important to us, and we are grateful for your input.
  2. Describe your contact with the Board of Supervisors Office?*
  3. What was the reason(s) for your contact with the Board of Supervisors Office?*
  4. How would you rate our service in meeting your expectations?
  5. Employee understood my needs*
  6. Employee’s response was timely and responsive*
  7. Employee was able to assist and direct appropriately*
  8. Employee was courteous and friendly*
  9. Employee was qualified and knowledgeable*
  10. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with the services you recently received from the Board of Supervisors Office.
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