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Public Records Inspection & Copy Request Form

  1. Non-Commercial Purpose
    I hereby request the custodian of records for Cochise County to provide for inspection and/or a copy or other reproduction, the following public record(s). I understand the fees outlined.
  2. Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Section 39-121.03, the applicant certifies that said documents:
  3. Non-Commercial / Commercial Purpose*
  4. Complete this area only if you are requesting records for a commercial purpose.
  5. I hereby depose and state as follows: I have read and understand the instructions for commercial request for public records and certify that the following statement setting forth the commercial purpose for which the above requested public records will be used is true, correct and complete. I understand the fees as outlined.
  6. Producing a document, information or other material containing all or part of the information in the public record: (Describe document or material and price):

  7. In the alternative, printed requests should be completed and signed, and can be scanned and emailed to, faxed to (520) 432-8778 or sent by mail to:

    Cochise County Attorney
    Attn: Symantha Brott
    P.O. Drawer CA
    Bisbee, AZ 85603

    Call 520.432-8756 with any questions.

    Public Records Request Form (PDF)
    Commercial Purpose Addendum Form (PDF)

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