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Facilities Service Request

  1. Please read before submitting a Facilities Service Request

    New Furniture Acquisition

    1. Departments and Elected Offices shall submit new furniture requests, with written justification, to the Facilities Director during the fiscal year budget development process.
    2. The Facilities Director shall budget for new office furniture through the appropriate fund and activity within the Facilities budget.
    3. Cost alone should not determine the final decision on furniture purchases. Quality merchandise will be considered if it can be repaired and reused for many years as staffing levels and positions change, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.

    Furniture and Office Moves

    1. The Facilities Department shall be responsible for the relocation of surplus furniture either from a department to Procurement or vice versa.
    2. Departments and Elected Offices shall be responsible for coordinating and informing Procurement of surplus furniture prior to requesting any relocation by Facilities.
    3. Office furniture, purchased with county funds, is county property. Employees are not entitled to have specific furniture relocated to a new office.
    4. Employee moves from one office to another in the same building and floor that does not require heavy lifting should be accomplished by department staff, if possible. The Facilities Department shall be responsible for all Department or Elected Office moves within and between County Facilities.
    5. Departments and Elected Offices shall not directly hire an outside mover. The Facilities Director shall budget for costs and coordinate contracts associated with an outside moving company in the annual Facilities budget. 
    6. Personal items shall not be handled by the Facilities Department or a moving company. All personal items are the employee’s responsibility. 

    Please note, The Facilities Management Department DOES NOT:        

    1. Move any filing cabinets that are not empty.
    2. Assemble office furniture or desk chairs. Please use Facilities personnel ONLY when large pieces of office furniture need to be assembled or taken apart.

  2. Please submit a photo for work orders that are a result of damage.

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