2021 Notice of Property Valuations will be mailed on or before March 1, 2020.  Deadline to file a 2021 valuation appeal with the Assessor is 60 days from the 2020 Notice date. 
NOTE: In 2012 the voters of Arizona passed Proposition 117 which amended Article IX, Section 18 of the Arizona Constitution relating to property taxes. The Constitutional amendment establishes that beginning with the 2015 Tax Year, the Limited Property Value is to be the basis for determining all property taxes. Also, if the property was listed on the tax roll in the prior year, and if the property did not undergo a change from the prior year, the Limited Property Valued may increase no more than 5% above the previous year’s Limited Property Value.

Appeal Forms – Available at all Assessor Office locations, by phone (520-432-8650) or online at https://azdor.gov/forms/property-tax-forms

Residential Appeals – Use Form Number 82130R

All Other Appeals – Use Form Number 82130

Income /Expense Statement Form 82300 w/Supplemental Form (attach to Form 82130)

  • Commercial Income/Expense (apartment) – Use Form 82300-1 Supplement
  • Commercial Income/Expense (office building, retail) – Use Form 82300-2 Supplement
  • Commercial Income/Expense (hotel/motel) – Use Form 82300-3 Supplement
  • Commercial Income/Expense (shopping center) – Use Form 82300-4 Supplement
  • Commercial Income/Expense (mobile home/RV park) – Use Form 82300-5 Supplement
  • Commercial Income/Expense (mini-storage warehouse) – Use Form 82300-6 Supplement
  • Commercial Income/Expense (industrial/manufacturing) – Use Form 82300-7 Supplement

Agency Authorization Form – Use Form Number 82130AA

Agency Authorization Continuation Form - Use Form Number 82130AAA

Multiple Parcel Appeal Forms – Use Form 82131 
All Appeal Forms must be signed and delivered to the Assessor by end of business 60 days from the 2020 Notice date. A US Postal Service post mark is accepted as a filing date. All supporting appeal documentation must be submitted with the appeal. Please keep a copy of the appeal for your records. E-mail filings are accepted provided they are signed and sent to: assessorappeal@cochise.az.gov.


Mailing Address:

Cochise County Assessor 
PO Box 168 
Bisbee, AZ 85603-0168