Judge Janus Poppe


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Mission Statement

The mission of this court is to assist individuals in resolving legal disputes, to protect the rights of all individuals who are before the court, to impose and enforce proper sanctions against those who are found to have violated the law, and to accomplish all these duties in a manner which will instill the public's confidence in the judicial system.


(520) 432-9540

Civil Cases / Orders of Protection

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Traffic Violations

(520) 432-9548

Criminal Misdemeanor

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Disclaimer for web payments
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, debit cards and personal checks are accepted

Payments are accepted for:

  • Civil traffic violations
    If payment occurs after the initial appearance date a $40.00 Time Payment Fee is to be added to the payment. If your driver's license has been suspended, the court needs to be contacted for instructions.
  • Payment schedules                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
    Only payments for payment schedules granted by the court are acceptable.

Payments cannot be rendered for:

  • Civil traffic violations §ARS 28-4135A,B,C
    The court needs to be contacted for information.
  • Outstanding warrants
    No bonds can be posted using web payments.
  • Scheduled trials or pre-trials.
  • No partial payments
    Unless the court initiated a written payment schedule.
  • Civil traffic violations for juveniles
    Approval from the court needs to be obtained prior to payment

If you are required to pay fines, penalties, fees or other financial obligations as a result of a judgement of this court and you are unable to pay, bring this information to the attention of court staff or the judge because payments over time or other alternatives may be available. Do not ignore your responsibility to pay, as this may result in additional penalties and costs to you. For more information, contact the court or an attorney. 

Si a usted se le exige pagar multas, sanciones, cuotas u otras obligaciones económicas como resultado de una sentencia en este tribunal y no puede pagarlas, avíseles o al personal del tribunal o al juez de su situación porque puede ser posible pagar a plazos o puede existir otra opción.

No haga caso omiso de su responsabilidad de pagar, el cual le podría generar nuevas sanciones y costas. Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con el tribunal o un abogado.